The Cost of Imagining

The Cost of Imagining

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably just as crazed and creatively inspired by eye-catching wearables than I am. Do you instantly let out a sigh of gratification while glaring at a collection that packs texture, features quality stitch work and makes you feel like you’ve just stepped off the runway? Belle, you get it and we couldn’t be more connected than #highlydisrespectedblackwomen and Breonna Taylor. Can you imagine?

If it weren’t for the social-distancing agreement I made with my savings account, I’d bail out in jaunty stride into every high-end retailer within a city’s block and beyond! Since I’m speaking of beyond, high-end retailer Burberry's 2020 runway show was a Belleview beyond words! Only an outerwear obsessed fashionista could appreciate it's depth.

Burberry's latest collection took over the land where buzzing creatures endlessly roam and the tree tops stretch far and wide. Opening among the forest, the brand and retailer successfully paired themes of discovering the great outdoors and glam. Talk about shoo-ing flies and strutting fearlessly fashion forward in protest of a pandemic! Simply put, it was breathtaking, done in the only appropriate manner; positively-beautiful. Belle, can you imagine?

As an viewer and Belle whose personal wellness solutions often take shape through the practice of imagining and re-imagining I can say it was transformative. Well done, Burberry! The moment epitomized what it means to 'See It, Until It's Beautiful.' Call it crazed, dazed, brought back to reality by a dying iPhone or maybe the unashamed realization that I have yet made a single Burberry purchase. In either or in all cases it was worth it. Worth every unconscious minute away from the world at large.

While there were no costs associated with taking in the virtual view or even imagining myself in Burberry designer wearables there are many if you do not VOTE! Can you imagine? I urge you Belles, choose your designer life! Be sure to VOTE on or before November 3rd!

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