I Don't Think This Is Unreasonable

Houston Belle, Solange Knowles’ digital cover story for Harper Bazaar’s fall issue debuted yesterday! The issues’ cover art reveals the songstress rocking an afro in a sudsy whirlpool with one leg extended showing off her black combat boot.

Not at all unreasonable for Solange or any other woman atop the dramatic spectrum when it comes to personal style. We’re not here to debate her selection or debate at all. It’s a BELLEVIEW if we ever did see one.

Even more beautiful were the views Knowles shared through short essays and poems surrounding her thoughts and experiences around finding joy, stillness and reflection. While ‘Hurt, but not held back’ might’ve been background vocals to the ‘Smash-hit’ that is the pandemic Solange makes it clear, “Stillness is goodness.”

BELLES it is not at all unreasonable to believe 2020 has profited from our fears and anxiety. If you can’t see how reaching, reaching to hold on to the journey to ‘See It, Until It’s Beautiful,’ then don’t take from me. Take it from Solange, there is joy to be found, found in stillness and reflection. In either case, know that the key to life is an extension of wellness and style.

Here are our “Top 5” not so unreasonable takeaways that can shape how you practice wellness and how you step out with style!


ONE: Stillness is goodness.

TWO: When the ritual of dressing up can literally shift how we see ourselves in the moment, and express beauty which in return makes us project more beauty into the world. When we are living on survival, why would we reach for that beauty?

THREE: Today in therapy I continue to practice speaking to my inner child. That shit is so fucking hard! She is deeply wounded by painful messages from the outside world. So deeply hurt and tired of "turning the other cheek" and being strong. Trying to reconcile that the judgements on her life are really a reflection of others' own internal judgements and don’t belong to her.

FOUR: Another voice, a critical one, said you got a lot of nerve chasing joy and freedom when you already have so much, but I went for it anyway. Joy was the sleep I got after releasing secrets from my bones. Joy was telling the truth.

FIVE: Like a collection of every Telfar Bag ever made, stored and left untouched.

Photo Credits: Naima Green | Harper Bazzar

Tee, Solange’s own. Pants, Barragan, baragannnn.com. Heels, Coperni, farfetch.com. Earrings, Sophie Buhai, sophiebuhai.com.

Cropped Blazer and Skirt, Lado Bokuchava, net-a-porter.com. Pumps, Fenty, fenty.com. Earrings, Sophie Buhai, sophiebuhai.com

Blazer top and Skirt, Y/Project, yproject.fr. Boots, Peter Do, peterdo.net. Hoops, Sophie Buhai, sophiebuhai.com.