ITSBELLEVIEW LLC is the first innovative lifestyle brand & event agency designed to make our audience at 'HOME' in their Journey through life. Our mission is to inspire others to See It, Until Its Beautiful™️. We believe the key to life is an extension of wellness and style. UNTIL ITS BEAUTIFUL, we'll provide the amenities! Shop, host & enjoy the journey it comes with a view!

Our mission is assisted by a three step guide: DISCOVERY, PROCESS TO PROGRESS & BE(YOU)TIFUL. These steps serve as a reminder to our consumers that whether its switching up your wardrobe, busting out your routine to try something new or even in celebrating an achievement that to become more at home in their life’s journey is beautiful! ITSBELLEVIEW aspires to be the ‘HOME’ they choose and that chooses them back; to share in the journey!

ITSBELLEVIEW LLC started as an idea & hobby in 2016 and was organized in 2019. We look forward to building community, prioritizing wellness and doing so with style!

THE BELLE GUIDE - 3 Step Trek        

One size fits all. Take the Belle Guide into your weekend, weekday & everyday!


DISCOVER: Trek forward, through discovery. Wellness, Style, Interests or Faith. Whatever IT is, Discover IT.


PROCESS TO PROGRESS: Trek forward, unafraid and until. Be kind to yourself and relinquish fear. Process IT so you can progress.


BE(YOU)TIFUL: Trek forward, well and in style. SEE the inner YOU! Timeless and BE(YOU)TIFUL! 




CEO/Founder, Jevita DéShea is a former higher education & nonprofit professional, philanthropist, entrepreneur and woman of faith. Her influence, leadership and proven impact spans across her community, peers, family and friends.

Jevita DéShea was born and resides in Milwaukee, WI. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Roosevelt University -- Chicago, IL. and a Master of Science degree in Leadership and Public Service Administration from Marquette University -- Milwaukee, WI.


 Personal Affinities, Aspirations & Quotes

  • She is dubbed "hostess with the mostest" enjoying both planning and attending gatherings as well as basketball game outings with friends & family.  
  • She loves fashion and styling friends & department store strangers looking to spruce up their style.   
  • She loves to find various ways to prioritize personal wellness including fitness, journaling, music and designing.
  • She is interior design obsessed, enjoys decorating as well as assembling Rose and Hydrangea bouquets from the marketplace to liven up her space. 
    • She enjoys spending time with her five nephews whom she has affectionately dubbed "Boogahs"
    • Faith is her foundation in life and business. Her personal favorite affirmation comes from the bible verse which quotes, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.." Romans 8:28 NIV